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What you see on the screen is Skåne’s regional development strategy, the result of extensive dialogues with citizens, civil society, business, and the public sector. We are now gathering around a joint strategic objective to achieve an open Skåne by 2030.

An open Skåne that welcomes pluralism, more people and new ideas. A Skåne that is characterised by high tolerance and widespread participation in common social issues. The open Skåne encompasses an open landscape as well as urbanisation. The open Skåne breaks national boundaries and is a natural part of the Öresund Region. The open Skåne offers everyone the chance of a good life. Together we have also selected five prioritised areas that we need to work with in order to achieve a completely open Skåne: Skåne shall offer optimism and quality of life, be a strong, sustainable growth engine, benefit from its polycentric urban structure, develop the welfare services of tomorrow and be globally attractive. Region Skåne has a mandate to gather many different actors and with our combined size we can exert a great deal of influence. This is, however, a mandate that we approach humbly – as even a large actor cannot achieve this alone. We hope and believe that a broad majority can work for an open Skåne. This regional development strategy is the concern and responsibility of all of Skåne.